How To Make Money Online In Vietnam – Best Precise Guideline

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how to make money online in Vietnam

Making money online in Vietnam – Is it truly possible? The answer is YES; you can start your online business in Viet Nam. To be more specific, this country has all the main factors for your business success: low cost of living, widespread Internet, and increasing entrepreneurial trend. 

Online working gives you a great number of benefits, as you can work anytime, anywhere you want but still can obtain a good salary. Hence, those seeking freedom like travelers or adventurers often consider this kind of job. Then, how to make money online in Vietnam? Just scroll through our article and see which online job suits you most.

How To Make Money Online In Vietnam

1. Making Videos On Social Network Platforms

The first way to make money online Vietnam is to create or edit videos on social network platforms.

Social Network Platforms mmo

You could choose whatever social sites you want to develop your online business. However, it would be best if you choose popular platforms like Youtube, Facebook, or Tiktok. All you need to do is posting your videos on these sites and earn money regularly. 

Even though this way seems to be easy as a piece of cake, it is not that simple in reality. Specifically, you may wonder that many nonsense videos on youtube go viral and give the Youtubers a terrifically high number of likes and subscribers. Is it simple like that? 

From an economic viewpoint, this trend is just a contemporary way of making money. In the long run, if the owner of these youtube channels could not post new and attractive videos, their viewers will flop at an unexpected speed. In other words, making your videos popular is easy but to keep them work in the long run is another story.

Consequently, many YouTubers – who utilize youtube as the main source of income, have to invest quite a lot of money and effort in making high-quality videos. Some basic things you need to prepare are:

  1. Hard devices: camera, computer
  2. Video content
  3. Marketing policy

Depending on your business scale, there could be a lot more to do with it. 

2. Being A Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is a perfect job for those interested in writing or simply wanting to profit from home. All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection. Normally, there are two main kinds of writing people working on.

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The first one is writing a blog. Each person has their own life stories, which include all stages of emotions. More specifically, some people work as philosophical experts by advising on daily living and social relationships or sharing their traveling journey by reviewing destinations they have been to. Several people choose to write books for kids, etc.

If you are a writing lover, it will be the best feeling to emerge yourself into the world you created. Therefore, writing is no longer simply a hobby, but it could also bring some profit for you.

A more professional one is writing for big companies. In detail, you must pass the entrance test or even some training courses to become an official writing member of that company. Depending on the major field of that organization, you have to be good at some typical skills. As a result, the level of compatibility of each article is also higher. But in return, the salary you receive is much higher and will deserve your hard effort. 

3. Being An Online Seller

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When it comes to selling things, the capital for hiring a shop is a big concerned matter. However, it is no longer a big deal to sellers nowadays as many giant online markets increase thanks to the developed technology rapidly. We could name them Shopee, Lazada, Sendo, Taobao, eBay, etc.

To take full advantage of this trend, why don’t you become a shop owner in this market? You can sell whatever you want, from clothes, jewelry, household tools to technology products. Thus, pick a suitable product category to start up your career and seek a potential customer source.

As each job has its complications, you should be patient and have a strong passion while selling online. For a wise salesperson, having an innovative sales strategy and knowing when to take risks sometimes could give them a great potential benefit.

4. Investing In Stocks And Bonds

The last answer to the question “How to earn money online?” is stock and bond investment.

Investing In Stocks

This final method has the highest risk level. Many people receive huge losses when investing in the wrong source, and some become rich after this business. Why does this happen?

Gaining interest in stock and bonds is never an easy mission. 

First of all, you must be a risky person and always willing to take risks. Then, you must gain a large and thorough knowledge of the whole economy in general and companies you pay attention to in particular. Learning is not enough; skills will determine whether you are successful or not. Therefore, if you believe in your ability, have a try in the investment field.

Recently, many apps work as intermediaries in the investing process. You don’t have to directly research the source of investing, but some app owners will help you do this task. Paying a fee to run this app is a must, but it won’t cost much.

Also, the interest you receive may not be too high, and the losses could happen sometimes. No one could guarantee that you will receive profit all the time. 

For app investing, it is suitable for people who already have a fixed amount of money to invest. Though the interest sometimes goes beyond your expectation, the average interest is approximately around that amount. 

How To Make Money From Home: Conclusion

We bet you have got your answer to the question “How to make money online in Vietnam?”. To sum up, there are four popular ways to make money online you could put into consideration: making online videos, writing on the Internet, creating a web-based shop, and investing in stocks and bonds. 

Each method has advantages as well as disadvantages. Make sure that you pick a suitable way to earn the most money from it!

Peter Hoang.