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Living abroad is always a challenging and attractive adventure with cultural and traditional stories. Vietnam is one of them when it has a unique culture that can be described as a mystery to travelers and expats living here. Some take a year to understand the local insight. Some take a few years. And others take a much longer time than that.

The long history makes special culture and tradition

Vietnam has been through a thousand years under the war with China, then it has been born another hundred years of the fiercest war in history, the Vietnam War with France and America. Therefore, the culture and traditions of this country are so unique that the local lifestyle is so special.

That is the most attractive to expats when coming to live in Vietnam besides the reason that it is a cheap country. On the other side, it is also a barrier to expats when they want to learn more about humans and the country.

The local lifestyle in Vietnam is so special that you can come to find a street vendor with never ever that tasty food at 04 AM very easily. You can also just take a short walk from your apartment to find a drink stall on the pavement at 00 AM. And they all, of course, are at under 20,000 VND per dish/drink.

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You cannot find a job in your hometown? Don’t worry! Let’s come to Vietnam and find a job in the international environment, you will be happy with your financial conditions. Finding an apartment with good conditions is not as difficult as when you are in your hometown. People on the streets are so friendly and willing to help you in any case.

It does not prove that Vietnam is an easy country but they have been through too many events in the history that they are always ready to help each other. It is also a way that they can help themselves, in the locals’ opinion.

However, it does not mean that you can understand all the rituals and style of the locals. Their culture has taken thousands of years to create. Therefore, it is not easy to be learnt in a day, a week, or a month. Culture, traditions, and rituals are the strongest barrier to expats when deciding to live in Vietnam.

As a result, Vietnam becomes a great country for expats to live and enjoy a wonderful life.

Lodyhelp – A platform to bring foreigners closer to the locals

Understanding your itch when learning about life in Vietnam, Lodyhelp.com appears to connect foreigners with the locals. It just not only help expats to know more about Vietnamese culture and traditions or human, but also support expats when living in Vietnam with every daily need, especially finding a place to stay for long-term.

“All in one” platform with Eco-Service

Aiming to become an “All in one” platform, Lodyhelp.com offers an Eco-Service with all services that an expat needs in their daily life in Vietnam.

Lodyhelp has the most specific and trustable information about laundry services in the biggest cities in Vietnam. It does not only help expat to save their time finding the good-quality laundry service but also help your life in Vietnam easier and more comfortable.

Lodyhelp.com provides an Eco-Service to support expat’s daily needs.

Additionally, an expat can find the information about coffee shops, food and beverage address to hang out with friends or just come to enjoy the local cuisine. Moreover, a list of co-working space is available on the website that you can save your time of driving around the city to look for a working space

Spending time to relax with spa and gym with a list of the best places in the biggest cities along with Vietnam. Or find anything that your pet need with the Pet category.

All the information is real and guaranteed by Lodyhelp when they are updated weekly and accurately.

The most trustable platform to find apartment for rent

Among those pieces of information, the Lodyhelp platform mainly focuses on properties’ information along with Vietnam that provides expat with real and accurate information about the apartment for rent and house for rent. All properties’ information on Lodyhelp.com has been reviewed before being published. Therefore, it helps expat filter tons of risks compare to other renting platforms.

Besides, expat can contact directly with the landlord to know more about the properties as well as come to see the accommodation directly. Contact information is public on the website that you can get and call them without any fees.

If language is a barrier between expats and landlords, Lodyhelp has Local Buddy supported expats to communicate with landlords and deal with the document works.

Whatmore, a local buddy on Lodyhelp.com can take expat to a house-tour to have a better evaluation before making a decision as well as stay away from as many risks as possible.

A world of cultural and traditional stories

At Lodyhelp.com, you can find any information related to the culture, traditions, or rituals of the locals to understand deeply their thought and motivations of their lifestyle. Moreover, get noticed when traditional festivals happen to join and get fun with the locals.

Additionally, the most beautiful and hidden destinations of Vietnam are available on Lodyhelp.com with full information that you can have good preparation to discover and go from a wow to another wow.

It’s not all yet! In order to help you catch up with the locals, to know what they are caring about, what they are doing and sharing on the socials, Lodyhelp.com also lets you up-to-date with the latest news about the locals. It includes the policy updates, new regulations, or new trendings, what young people are listening to, what they are wearing or which song/singer makes them crazy in recent times. They all are available on Lodyhelp.com.

At Lodyhelp.com, an expat can find any information needed for a wonderful life in Vietnam!

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