Apartment, Land, Office House Lease Contract – Rental Contract In Vientam

Lease & Rental Contract for House, Apartment, Land, Office in Vietnam 2020

In this topic RENTAPARTMENT would like to share the templates of Apartment, Land, Office House Lease Contract (Rental Contract) that are commonly used by landlords updated in Vietnam in 2019 (There is a link to download the .doc version below each type)

A Rental or Lease Contract or Agreement is a legal document that outlines the arrangement between the property owner, called the landlord, or the lessor and another person willing to pay the rent during the occupation property, known as the tenant or the lessee

Application form – Landlords usually require employment history, references and credit reports before a lease is signed to ensure the tenant’s reputation.

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Lease contract Vietnam

1. House Lease Contract

This house Lease Contract is suitable for individuals, or between individual and business enterprises

2. Apartment Lease Contract

The apartment Lease Contract is suitable for individuals, can be used for a month to month or long –term rental

3. Office Lease Contract

The Office Lease Contract is suitable for individuals, between individual and business enterprises or between business enterprises and business enterprises. Additional terms and conditions can be customized to match the circumstances.

4. Land Lease Contract

The nature of the contract is very diverse and there will be many provisions related to government law. Therefore, we will provide you with the form of land lease contract of BOARD OF MANAGEMENT OF SAIGON HI-TECH PARK

Things to note when you want to customize the contract

When compiling a lease contract, it’s good to have main items such as rental fee, rental period. These must be agreed between the parties in advance to avoid.


  • Most landlords do not allow to change their property structures. In case this is requested by the tenants, they must return the original structures at the end of lease period.


  • The landlord should specify all appliances before the tenants move in such as microwave, washing machine, dryer, etc.


  • If the property is provided when the tenant moves in, all items should be listed as benches, beds, chairs, tables, musical instruments and any other valuable items. This is to ensure that when moving away, the tenant does not leave the property of the landlord blank


  • The maximum number of people that tenants are allowed in the home should be included to discourage continuous parties or noisy neighbors.

Maximum Time Period

  • Landlords can also set a maximum timeframe for guests to stay at their house

Late Charges

  • Agreeing to have a late fee is the way homeowners try to penalize tenants for not paying their rent in a timely manner. Some countries have limits on how much the landlord can charge but is always recommended to have a fee.

Monthly Rent

  • Monthly rent is usually paid within first 5 days of each calendar month, counting from the date of lease contract


  • The amount must be specified in words and in number and payable in VND, a conversion to USD can be specified in the contract


  • The landlord shall provide or shall not provide the Tenant parking spaces in the building’s parking facilities

Security Deposit

  • A security deposit clause should always be included in every lease agreement, this is governed by Vietnam law. The Security Deposit is usually equal to 1 or 2 month rent.


  • Sublease behavior is the tenant who acts as the landlord and subleases the property to another individual. This is not allowed in most leases, unless there is consent from the home owner
  • Airbnb – With Airbnb’s popularity, there is always the temptation of tenants to earn extra income by renting assets on a short-term basis. This should be set in the agreement to ensure clear terms whether it is allowed or not.


  • A term of contract termination must be always specified in the lease contract, as well as term of penalties applied if either party unilaterally terminates the contract.

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