The 7 Best Real Estate Agents In Vietnam – Where To Find Them?

best real estate in Vietnam

Real estate is quite a big investment, whether you’re doing it for your business or home life. If you are looking for where to place your trust in the Vietnamese estate market, you’ve arrived at the right article! Here’s a list for you to pick out the best real estate agent in Vietnam, which comes along with the reasons why they’re so great!

1. Colliers International Vietnam:

Colliers real estate

Colliers International Vietnam is no longer an unfamiliar name in the field. In detail, it was founded in 2006 as the branch of Colliers International Corporations.

Colliers International Vietnam is positioned as one of the top real estate providers and becoming a big rival of other real estate agents. It delivers quality consultation services in terms of financial and personnel decisions to all local partners. Besides, this agent is well known for its professionality and reliability.

Colliers’ services range from rentals, real estate management, project administration, authorization, and even market segmentation/research. Thus, Colliers International has been nominated for the second-best real estate agent globally and the second-best real estate agent in Vietnam

If you still don’t believe us, you can take a look at the Bitexco Financial Tower, as it is one of Collier’s most iconic management projects.

2. Savill

Savills real estate

Savills Vietnam is one of those real estate agents considered to be the predecessor of the professional market in Vietnam. Specifically, its accumulated history and data make the agent the largest Vietnamese international property management establishment.

But longevity isn’t all Savills obtain. For nearly a decade, Savills Vietnam has held the title of “Best Real Estate Agent In Vietnam” and “Best Property Consultancy in Vietnam” awards.

In Vietnam, this real estate agent offers various services, from purchasing or renting land, consultancy to property evaluation and hospitality. There is one thing for certain with Savills: No matter what case you bring to them, they’ll be able to handle it with satisfaction on your side!

If you want an example of what your future property may look like, look at the Goldmark City và Starlake!

3. Đất Xanh

datxanh real estate

With a remarkable presence on the modern scene of Vietnamese real estate, Đất Xanh is a company you should consider for your next investment. The firm is behind Gem Sky World, Opal SkyLine, Opal Boulevard, and many other major projects on the market. 

There are currently 68 Đất Xanh offices all over Vietnam, and the work they are responsible for is as expansive as their reach. Aside from the standard real estate consultancy and evaluation, Đất Xanh is also the best real estate agent in Vietnam to reach construction material choices.


CBRE real estate

CBRE has been present in the real estate market for nearly two decades, and its legacy is a model to follow. 

As one of the 500 top corporations in Fortune and S&P’s list, CBRE stands out from other firms with great customer service and attention to detail. 

Regardless of the type of service you require from them, CBRE will provide award-winning quality in strategic consultancy, purchase assistance, project, and property management, so on and so forth. Hence, this is the kind of service you should expect from the list of the best real estate agent in Vietnam.

In case you want testimonials for CBRE’s achievements, look no further to the AP Tower and Viettel’s B Tower!

5. Cengroup

cengroup real estate

Cengroup is one of the strongest property investment companies right now in Vietnam, and this fact should come as no surprise to many people. If you follow Shark Tank Vietnam, you’ll recognize one of the show’s judges – Shark Hưng is the Vice President of Cengroup.

Thanks to its versatility, Cengroup is one of Vietnam’s fastest-growing real estate agencies. Aside from the typical real estate deals and advisory, they are also the country’s current top golf service provider and property marketing firm. 

In general, you may want to head to Cengroup if you’re holding an innovative project in the near future because they possibly hold the answer to your creative ideas.

6. Dot Property

dotproperty real estate

Dot Property Vietnam is a unique case on our list. They mainly focus on high technology in their choice of projects and investments, which is key to remember when you choose their services.

Rather than taking the more traditional route of scouting sites and comparing properties, you’ll be walking through Dot Property’s information site and examine the data they’ve collected. To be more specific, this means that you can have access to remote properties that one might not be able to visit in real life (especially in pandemics or other similar situations).

You can even invest in foreign, a feature only available to those who truly embrace the 4.0 Technology Era due to Dot’s connection programs. 

This type of service also comes as good news for landowners. Via Dot Property, landowners and property managers can promote their projects and bring them further to consumers.

7. Rentapartment Agency

Rentapartment Agency real estate

The last real estate company in Vietnam on this list is Rentapartmet Agency. If you’re looking for accommodations that are more upbeat, active and diverse in additional services, the apartment scene is going to be a good fit for you and your lifestyles. In this case, we suggest you look to Rentapartment Agency for property!

Rather than selling whole properties, the Rentapartment Agency in District 7 offers their customers choices of suites available in the area and beyond. Don’t worry about their database, as Rentapartment has the most trustworthy choices for your needs in all of the market’s luxury segment!

Top Real Estate Agents: Outro

Consult with this list when you need it, and you just might get the house/apartment of your dreams right in Vietnam. Don’t forget to bookmark this article on “Best Real Estate Agent In Vietnam” and share it with someone who needs the advice. If you still have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Peter Hoang.