10 International Companies In Vietnam: Where To Invest Your Money Wisely

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International company in Vietnam

For the past couple of decades, Vietnam has been one of the potential markets for foreign investors. Which is the best international company in Vietnam currently? Let’s dive into this post on the top 10 international companies in Vietnam to determine your answer.

1. Shopee

international company shopee

The first candidate on this list of foreign companies in Vietnam is Shopee. 

Although it was not until 2015 that this Singaporean brand – Shopee, took part in the Vietnamese market, the company has successfully offered Vietnamese consumers the best e-commerce experience. 

With an easy-to-use interface, facilitating payment options, and appealing monthly discount programs, both the sellers and buyers are encouraged to immerse themselves in the world where “maximizing the benefits” is the mantra. 

On the other hand, most products sold on Shopee are vetted through a quality verification process, meaning there is hardly any room for scams. With the largest market share in the digital e-commerce field in Asia, Shopee stands as one of the most successful MNC companies in Vietnam.

2. Unilever


This long-standing Dutch-British corporation is famous in Vietnam, to the point that you can easily see at least one Unilever product in every house.

Established in 1930, Unilever currently sells products ranging from nutrition, hygiene, to body care. However, Unilever differs from other counterparts in its business ethics, which strongly encourages environmental protection. 

Unilever puts the environment as its top priority with sustainable raw materials and renewable energy. Thus, Unilever has gained brand trust among many other international companies in Vietnam

3. Nestlé

international company nestle

Pledged to the iconic motto “good food, good life,” Nestlé never ceased to reinforce its core values.

Nestlé has been one of the pioneering companies in the food processing industry. Yet, unlike Unilever’s focus on the environment, Nestlé claims its reputation by enhancing both life quality and human well-being.

4. IBM

international company IBM

Stand for International Business Machines (Corporation), IBM provides robust IT, digital software, and scientific research solutions. 

Coincidentally, those solutions resonate vibrantly with the educational and economic prerequisites that Vietnam is demanding to head forward. Therefore, this means that IBM Vietnam will thrive even further in its size and utility, contributing largely to the process of knowledge distribution.

Additionally, IBM employees worldwide have gained 5 Nobel Prizes, 6 Turing Awards, 10 National Medals of Technology, and 5 National Medals of Science in total. Does that blow your mind yet?

5. PwC

international company pwc

PwC (or PricewaterhouseCoopers) is widely known as one of the Big Four accounting firms. Specifically, this Big Four mainly serves as an outsource of accounting, auditing, taxation, and price transferring. 

PwC is recognized as the best foreign company in Vietnam for employees to work for. It is quite understandable since PwC allows for flexible working hours, extended holidays, and the fostering of employees’ personal growth.

6. Samsung

international company samsung

For every Asian, Samsung might evoke either a sense of the past or a fierce competitor in the industry.

Samsung has been featuring in the Viet market since 2008 and has been expanding its scale strongly ever since. Currently, Samsung owns two electronics complexes in Bac Ninh and Thai Nguyen. At the same time, it created more than 100,000 jobs for the local workforce, accounting for about ¼ of Vietnam’s annual export.

Thus, we can say that Samsung is one of the primary economic propellers in Vietnam. 

7. Microsoft

international company microsoft

It is needless to introduce Microsoft, as it is too famous for its ubiquity, brand trust, and product quality. 

When we talk about Microsoft, many words and images will instantly pop up in our mind: technological advances, office software, Bill Gates, billionaires, Windows, Surface, and so forth. It is not an understatement to say that Microsoft has revolutionized how computer-conscious Vietnamese people are for the past couple of decades.

All in all, we’d say Microsoft is the nostalgic representation of your past and the path of your future.

8. Nike

international company nike

Now, let’s talk about fashion. If you’re a fashionholic, we believe you all own at least a pair of Nike shoes in your closet, right? For us, we are madly in love with Nike shoes because of their chic yet sporty look. 

Nike is now playing an indispensable role in the consciousness of Gen Z and even Gen Y in Vietnam. In detail,  its products are comparatively versatile and affordable when it comes to streetwear or even retro style.

The checkmark manifested in the logo has also long been iconic, making the customers instantly associate it with the brand. 

9. Starbucks

international company starbucks

This ubiquitous coffee brand landed in Vietnam from 8 years ago and has been deemed a luxury, top-class representation of a café ever since. 

While other local competitors adopt the low-cost strategy, Starbucks still goes for the upper to even lavish price, although there is a fact that the average income of the Vietnamese is quite low.

Thus, that is why many people claim that Starbucks Vietnam has been growing in a rather humble pattern compared to other counterparts. Starbucks’s difference possibly comes from the company’s business philosophy and expansion scheme. 

All in all, with the surprising speed that the Vietnam economy is going through, we believe that Starbucks will gain more ground than just 3% of the current market share in the future.

10. Spotify

international company spotify

Last but not least, we’d say Spotify is one of the most frequented streaming platforms during the depressing COVID-19 pandemic. Who doesn’t want to dive himself in the embrace of consoling music, right?

Being mindful of that, Spotify has joined in Vietnamese market as an understanding friend who provides you everything you need for music. Spotify features an easy-to-connect platform, aesthetic visuals, free or Premium payment options, and real-time lyrics. 

All these wonderful aspects have won the heart of Vietnamese youth. 

International Company In Vietnam: Last Word

For now, have you got any fresh ideas out of these 10 MNC companies in Vietnam yet? How many companies can you recognize in this list? Please follow our blog if you want to read more useful and interesting articles. Thank you for reading!