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Vietnamese first last name

In Vietnam, when naming each person are affixed with Full Name. So they are an integral part of our name. Usually Last Name + Middle Name + First Name, for example: Do Van Thao, Nguyen Minh Thien, Ha Thi Thanh.

Common Vietnamese last names

Include last names of people of the Vietnamese ethnic group. Vietnam is located in Indochina, so it is influenced by culture from China and other countries of India or the Cham people.

However, last names of Vietnamese people are not as much as China or other big countries. Most of the large families in Vietnam have a dynasty in the history of this country.

Common Vietnamese last name (%)

NoCommon last namesWithout accentsPercent

Common Vietnamese first names

Vietnam is known for its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and its rich cultural history.

Choosing a Vietnamese name for your baby is a good way to honor your family heritage. Vietnamese names are often gender-neutral and many of their meanings come from the natural world, like Hoa, meaning “flower” or Giang, meaning “river”

GIRL Common first namesBOY Common first names
First namesWithout accentsMeaningFirst namesWithout accentsMeaning
BíchBichBluish-greenBảoBaoTreasure, jewel
CamCamOrange (the fruit)ChíChiWill, spirit
ChiChiBranchDươngDuongMale, virile
DiệpDiepLeafHảiHaiSea, ocean
DiệuDieuMysterious, subtle,HàoHaoBrave, heroic
HằngHangLadyKhánhKhanhCongratulate, celebrate
HoaHoaFlowerLiêmLiemClean, honest, upright
HuệHueBright, intelligentMinhMinhBright
KimKimGold, metalNgảiNgaiSagebrush, wormwood
LiênLienLotus, water lilyNguyênNguyenOriginal, first
LoanLoanMythological birdQuânQuanArmy
MaiMaiPlum, apricotQuangQuangBright, clear
MỹMyBeautifulQuyenQuyenPower, right, authority
PhượngPhuongDirection, waySơnSonMountain
ThiThiPoetry, poem, verseThuầnThuanPure, clean, simple
TiênTien Immortal, fairyHuyHuyOyster
TrinhTrinhVirtuous, chaste, loyalTuânTuanObey, follow, honor
TuyếtTuyetSnowVienVienRound, full, complete
YênYenCalm, peacefulAnAnPeace, quiet
LinhLinhSmartAnhAnhFlower petal
TrangTranggallantryBìnhBinhLevel, even, peaceful
ChâuChauPearl, gemThanhThanhBlue, green, young
GiangGiangRiverTuLuxuriant, beautiful
LinhLinhOrchid, elegantDuyDuyConsistency
QuỳnhQuynhDeep redVinhVinhSuccess
VânVan CloudTrungTrungLoyal

Common Vietnamese last names

Nice middle names for girls 
Ai Beautiful, skillful and loved by everyone
LanOrchids bring a gentle, pure beauty
Mai Apricot flowers shine in the bright yellow sun
NgocA precious treasure of parents
NhưLuck, get everything you want
QuynhFlower with a unique beauty
ThaoThe plants are green, full of life
ThuyBlue like autumn water
TrâmAn essential item of an ancient girl
Vân Freehand white clouds in the blue sky
XuânSpring, the season of proliferation and proliferation
Yen Peaceful, peaceful forever
Good middle names for boys
Công Fair, smart, have the will to strive in life
ĐứcHonestly and respect morality
DinhA handsome man, intelligent and talented
DuyThere is thinking, wisdom
HaiStrong and rich in kindness
HieuPeople with morality, kindness, filial piety
Hoàng Happy, rich life
KhaiPeaceful, sincere, and loves to help people
TuanIntelligent, talented, outstanding

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