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This article provides top Vietnam online shopping sites for convenient and safe buy. They are all B2C platforms that greatly influence the consumer community.

Before going into the top list, we will give you an assessment of the Vietnam e-commerce in recent years. Besides, you also gain some predictions of online shopping in the future.

The Overview Of E-commerce In The Latest Years 

In 2015, Vietnam E-Commerce Association (VECOM) assessed that from 2016, Vietnam’s e-commerce will move to a new stage. The average growth rate for the whole four-year period from 2016 to 2019 was about 30%.

In 2019, according to a survey by VECOM, the growth rate of e-commerce reached over 32%. The scale of e-commerce retail of consumer goods and services in 2019 was about 11.5 billion USD.

By the end of 2020, Vietnam’s e-commerce grew by 18% to a scale of 11.8 billion USD. This was a regional high increase in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Entertainment products and online games increased by 18%. Online travel is down 28%. Plus, the volume of postal items sent via express increased 47% by 2020.

Digital marketing services reached 820 million USD. The volume of online payment for domestic cards via the NAPAS increased by 185% compared to 2019.

This result shows that businesses are active and interested in online activities. Besides, the online consumer community is growing.

Online shopping Vietnam

Factors Affecting Online Shopping In The Future 

Vietnam’s e-commerce will continue to explode in 2021 and the coming years. Experts predict an average growth rate of 29% in the 2020-2025 period. The scale of e-commerce by 2025 will reach 52 billion USD.

The average online buying value is going to be 600 USD/person/year. This figure will account for 10% of the total retail sales and services.

This is an opportunity for businesses to build new strategies. Digital conversion solutions will help manufacturers develop their distribution systems.

Online business has advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we analyze some factors that affect online shopping in Vietnam in the future.

  • Feeling of benefits: E-commerce offers convenience and a variety of products. Most studies have shown convenience and time savings motivating consumers to shop online.
  • Premonition of risk: Risk perception harms consumers’ online buying behavior. That happens because the buyer cannot test product quality and has no replacement. Customers tend to shop at websites that guarantee them the above benefits.
  • Privacy protection: Buyers are very concerned about the safety and security of personal information. Large e-commerce platforms with security controls drive more purchases.
  • Curiosity about new things: the online environment helps buyers to discover new things around the world. People like the excitement when they can buy something from overseas areas.
  • The role of aesthetics: The design of the shopping interface also determines customer behavior. Content that is user-friendly, secure, convenient, and good-looking increases your buying intent.

Top Vietnam Online Shopping Websites 

Plenty of studies revealed that online e-commerce companies “Made in VIetnam” are gaining consumer loyalty. Below are the 7 largest e-commerce traders.

1. Shopee – The Easy Way For Anyone To Be A Salesman

Shopee is a great choice for both buyers and sellers. Shopee’s essence is an integrated-social-media e-commerce website platform.

Shopee shopping online

This allows for easier interaction and exchange of information. Thanks to that, buying and selling on Shopee becomes quicker and simpler.

Shopee operated on a C2C model at the beginning. You can chat with the seller to ask about the item to buy.

Currently, this e-commerce site is expanding its business with the B2C form. Shopee Mall and Shopee Premium provide you with genuine and premium choices.

At Shopee, you can get plenty of discounts and free nationwide shipping codes. Besides, it will also have big promotion campaigns every year.

Supersale 4.4, 9.9 sales, 10.10 sale, 11.11 sale, 12.12 sale, and Tet Sale programs have become familiar to most people. This is the time for you to choose your favorite products at a record discount.

However, Shopee currently does not have a plan to check the input quality of the product. This action aims to attract as many retailers as possible.

Hence, it is easy to get a bad pick if you are unlucky. Shopee will be a safe choice for customers who can self-test product quality.

2. Tiki – The Place That Offers A Comprehensive Ecosystem For Online Shopping

Tiki in Vietnamese is the symbol of two words “Tìm kiếm” and “Tiết kiệm”. In English, these two words mean search and save. This website started operating on the Internet in 2010 with a capital of about 5,000 USD.

Tiki shopping online

Tiki started as a marketplace where you can buy genuine English books. The core goal is to help customers find products at a cheaper price with ease.

Currently, you can find ten categories including fresh food, beauty products, and oversea goods. The platform serves tens of millions of customers with about 3,500 employees.

Unlike other websites, Tiki doesn’t overwhelm you with dizzying discount codes. The website interface is simple, pleasant, and has a streamlined layout. That is an advantage that helps increase the visitor experience.

The development orientation of Tiki does not stop at the online shopping marketplace. In the future, it will become a comprehensive ecosystem. It includes TikiNOW, Ticketbox, and Tiki Trading.

A “Made in Vietnam” website has affirmed its position in the hearts of customers once again. Its reputation will reach overseas soon.

3. Lazada – The Place Where You Can Buy Overseas Products

Lazada Group started operations in 2012. Currently, this Vietnam shopping online electronics site has a presence in six Southeast Asian countries. Becoming a member of Alibaba, it aims to serve 300 million customers by 2030.

Lazada shopping online

It offers a fast, convenient, and secure shopping experience. You will see a wide range of products on its website. It varies from electronic devices to babies and toys.

This online shopping theme offers customers plenty of incentives. These include free shipping and free product replacement.

You can find genuine and premium products at LazMall. And the newest feature is LazGlobal, where you can buy from overseas vendors. The announced prices include customs fees and import duties.

Besides, its mobile platform offers users enjoyment with games and quests. These features encourage consumers to access the app every day for gifts.

4. Sendo – A 100% “Made In Vietnam” E-commerce Platform

Sendo belongs to FPT Corporation, serving the online shopping needs in Vietnam. It gives you a super warehouse with 29 categories, more than 10 million products, and more than 200,000 shops.

Sendo shopping online

You can request to exchange or return your products within 48 hours. Besides, each order with a value of 150,000 VND or more will get free shipping.

The web interface presents a multitude of discount products and promotional codes. Every day you will enjoy a genuine sale party.

The most interesting feature is that Sendo will let you know in advance the sale-off schedule. You will know what day your favorite brand’s deals happen.

Sendo has many new features compared to other websites. It is an ideal place for you to find cheap flight tickets from different airlines. You can also  buy retail at wholesale prices in the group buying catalog. 

Sendo is a 100% “Made in Vietnam” e-commerce platform. If you are an enthusiast of products from Vietnam, then you have come to the right place. Sendo has a dedicated portfolio of Vietnamese brands. It is a pride of Vietnam to prove its ability to compete with the marketplaces of foreign origin.

5. Fado – Cross-border E-commerce Platform

Since 2014, Fado has started to help Vietnamese people trade with the world easier. That helps Vietnam catch up with the trend to balance with the development of the world.

Fado shopping online

So far, Fado is Vietnam’s number one cross-border digital e-commerce platform. It allows you to get more than 5 billion high-end products from the US, UK, Australia, Germany, and Japan.

Hundreds of categories to help you with unlimited shopping. Fado offers you thousands of global deals.

This smart platform allows you to do official imports from all over the world. The order fulfillment process is risk-free and does not need complicated customs procedures.

You can sit at home and still enjoy world promotions like Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, and Prime Day.

6. Vatgia – Place To Sell Real Estate Products And Construction Materials

Vietnam Vatgia Joint Stock Company (VNP) started its website in 2007. It is becoming a popular Vietnam online shopping website.

Vatgia shopping online
Vatgia shopping online offers specific categories that you cannot find on other platforms. These types of products are in the real estate, recruitment, and construction sectors.

You cannot make a payment on the website. Because it acts as a middleman to help you talk to the seller. The whole process of the sale is private between buyer and the seller.

Currently, VNP is a strategic partner of leading investment groups such as CyberAgent Venture, Mitsui, IDG, and CAI. These names show the growth potential of in the future.

7. Voso – The Biggest Platform For Buying And Selling Specialty Products In Vietnam is an e-commerce website owned by Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation (VTP). This website allows organizations and individuals to trade goods online.

Voso shopping online
Voso shopping online

It operates on the principles of openness, transparency, and compliance with the law. This marketplace connects with other e-commerce platforms to offer 17 categories.

This is where you can buy specialties from all 63 provinces in Vietnam. You also find genuine and safe products at Voso Mall.

It’s great that you can sit in the South and eat a delicious dish with the correct taste of the North, isn’t it? is not only a convenient place for you to shop, but also a place to promote Vietnamese culture.

Final Thought 

The above are all about the top Vietnam online shopping sites in 2021. Our assessment is the result of general reports on the evolution of e-commerce.

But, what about you? Which site do you love the most? Let us and everyone know your opinion in the comment box below!

Finally, wish you success and luck!

Peter Hoang.

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