Electrical Outlet In Vietnam – Essential Information For Travellers

electrical outlet in vietnam

Vietnam has obviously become one of the top safest destinations to travel to after the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are planning to visit this country for the first time and don’t know how to keep your phone charge, this article is for you! Here we will provide you with the necessary information about the electrical outlet in Vietnam and some travel tips for you. Scroll down to find more!

Types of Electrical Outlet in Vietnam

Socket types are named alphabetically (starting with the letters from A to O) by the United States Trade Administration and widely used as a standard for naming electrical outlets. 

In Vietnam, type A, B, C, and D are the most popular electrical outlets. Details as follow:

  • Type A: An ungrounded outlet that has two pins and power rated at 15 A
  • Type B: A grounded socket that offers three pins and is rated at 15 A (similar to type A)
  • Type C: A non-grounded outlet that has two pins and is rated at 2.5 A or less
  • Type D: A grounded outlet with three pins and power rated at 5 A

What Types Of Plugs Can Fit Vietnam Electrical Outlets?

So, what types of plugs can match those electrical outlets in Vietnam? Let’s keep reading to discover more!

Type A outlet

For type A outlets, you can only use type A plug with a flat 2-pin that usually appears in North and Central America and Japan. This plug type features two thin-metal foils at the length of 15.9mm to 18.3mm. 

However, the two pins of this plug are not equal in width (one pin having a wider end than the other), which means you only have one way to plug it into the power outlet.

type A electrical outlet

Type B Outlet

For type B outlets, you can use both type A plug and type B plug. 

Type B plug has 2-flat pins and a diameter round pin. The metal 2-flat pins are 1.5mm in thickness, 15.9 to 18.3mm in length, 6.3mm in width, and spaced about 12.7mm apart.

type B electrical outlet

On the other hand, the round pin is a cylindrical metal rod with a diameter of 4.8mm. It is 3.2mm longer than the two-flat pins, which helps ensure your device is grounded before the other two pins connect to the power supply. The distance between the ground pin and the other two pins is 11.9mm.

Type C Outlet

If you meet a Type C outlet, that means you must use a type C plug. 

As standard, this type of plug has two round pins at 4mm diameter. The distance between the two-pin base is 18.6mm and between the 2-pin tip is 17.5mm.

type C electrical outlet

Due to the retractable design at the end, the C-type plug can be used flexibly with sockets that have a distance between 2 holes of 17.5 – 19 mm and round contacts from 4 to 4.8mm.

Type D Outlet

With a type D outlet, you can apply both type C and D plugs. 

The type D plugs contain three round pins. The ground pin in the middle is 20.6mm long and 7.1mm in diameter. Similarly, the remaining two pins are 14.9mm long, 5.1mm in diameter, and spaced about 19.1mm apart. The distance between the ground pin to the other two pins is 22.2mm.

type D electrical outlet

We guess you now have a broad overview of Vietnamese and electric outlet types in Vietnam. However, do you know that the power systems of Vietnam might also be different from your homeland, and it is even varied from one region to another within the territories of Vietnam? Let’s continue reading to find out!

What Should You Know About Frequency And Voltage In Vietnam?

Currently, all Vietnam power sockets are available at the standard frequency of 50Hz and voltage of 220V.

Hence, if the general outlet voltage in your country ranges from 220V to 240V, you can freely use any of your devices and equipment in Vietnam. This voltage rating is found in most countries of the UK, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Asia.

However, in case your homeland standard voltage is between 100V-127V, you might require a voltage converter for your trip to Vietnam.

Another thing you should notice is that the standard for Vietnam frequency is 50Hz. If this index differs from your country, then remember to be careful when plugging in any devices. 

You can check the small printed information on your adapter or your device to figure out whether or not it can handle such frequency.  

If you find 100-240V 50/60Hz printed, your adapter will work out for all voltages and frequency. 

Vietnam Adaptor That Converts Three Holes Into Two Holes

In case your electrical equipment has three holes, you might consider asking your hotel receptionist to give you an outlet adapter that helps convert those holes. 

Or else, we recommend you to buy a new one so that you can use it whenever you need it. You can find some options on Shopee and Tiki websites, which offer you a reasonable price ranging from 1 USD to 2 USD.


If you have read this as far as here, we guess you now have got enough information about the electrical outlet in Vietnam. To ensure a perfect trip, it is essential for you to prepare and pack all well, even from the most simple things, such as a plug adapter. 

And you might now be ready for your next holiday in Vietnam, right? Hopefully, the trip to Vietnam will bring you the most memorable moments. Cheers!