A Special Holiday: Vietnamese Women’s

Vietnamese women day

Vietnam women play the main role in housework and taking care of family members, but they also contribute to social achievement. Moreover, we always need to remember their sacrifice for the family and country whenever they mention Vietnamese women.

As a way to show our respect to them, the celebration of Vietnamese women’s day takes place on the 20th of October every year. How special is it? Let’s come to our post to know more about this day.

Vietnam women day

When Does Women’s Day In Vietnam Take Place?

Women’s day is no longer unfamiliar all around the world, and Vietnam is no exception. Vietnamese women’s day happens on two occasions: March 08 and October 20 every year. If you have a broad knowledge of Vietnam’s history, you will definitely comprehend why Vietnamese women have a privilege like that. 

How Meaningful Is Vietnamese Women’s Day?

This section will find out how important Vietnam women’s day is and why this day becomes a national holiday in Vietnam.

How Do People Build Women’s Image?


In the past, Vietnamese society valued men over women and did not respect or had high expectations of women. However, this perception changed over time as society started to acknowledge women’s dedications to the nation:

When the country was in wars, a Vietnamese woman became a solid rear to support warriors to fight against the people’s enemies. Besides, they are also highly regarded for their role as mothers, wives, and soldiers in the revolutionary struggle time.

history women day

In history lessons, we learned lots of model heroines such as Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Vo Thi Sau, Nguyen Thi Dinh, Hai Ba Trung, etc. Many women fighters sacrificed their lives for successful struggles, happiness, and freedom of the people. Some of them also became military members and guerrilla militias to companion with the army and fought to protect the country. 

Moreover, women contributed their best efforts when they tried to destroy enormous blocks of rock to open the roads for soldiers and open the roads for a national revolution. They mainly worked as doctors and nurses in wartime.

Undeniably, women contribute and sacrifice both directly and indirectly for the innovation and development of Vietnamese society. They are ordinary but great people!


Do you remember the images of opening roads girls in the song with the same name, showing how indomitable heroines were? Can you name the songs about Vietnamese mothers? We are sure you can tell us many songs, even if you can sing them fluently. Indeed, musicians use the image of women in many songs to express their admiration.


Thanks to the composers, images of wonderful women will last forever in our minds. Specifically, these poem lines have successfully depicted the beauty of Vietnamese grandmothers, mothers, women, and schoolgirls. 

The Meaning Of Women’s Day Vietnam

After reading some dedication and contribution of Vietnamese women, do you agree that women should be respected and cherished more? Hence, Vietnam women day stands as a reminder of the sacrifices and hardships they had made and faced.

meaning of women day

Also, it is a must to change perspective on women’s roles or avoid stereotypes. Even though women are responsible for household duties most of the time, the mother spends most of her time taking care of the family and doing household chores, such as cleaning the house, washing, cooking meals, or looking after family members. It will be a big mistake if you overlook their social role. 

Furthermore, Vietnamese women day reminds you about the equality between men and women. We are sure that women are strong, delicate, and independent, meaning that they deserve to be treated fairly as men. Thus, Vietnamese women deserve to obtain equal rights as men, and they can undertake important positions in leadership and organizations. This day is also a perfect time to express your love and gratitude from the bottom of your heart to the women that you love.

How Do People Celebrate the Vietnam Woman Holiday?

How do we express our love to our wonderful women?

As Vietnamese women’s day is a national holiday, television will broadcast many celebration performances. Besides, some national channels also broadcast documentary movies, songs, and some segments about women’s daily lives.

In some factories, leaders usually celebrate this occasion by arranging a formal party on March 8 or October 20 (or sometimes both) with the attention of all members, especially female workers and female staff. Besides great treats, the factories also hold some ceremonies, give female employees flowers and awards to acknowledge, and encourage their efforts to develop projects. Additionally, performances such as dancing or singing in the theme of celebration for women Vietnam will make the parties and the holiday more exciting. Through these shows, you can watch a lot of performances by our talented women.

Flower women day

It is the same with the supermarkets; some stores will give women some big promotion if they go shopping on Vietnamese women’s day. In this way, women will feel respected and valued. Stores also sell off and give out many product categories for all consumers, such as promotion or activities during Vietnamese women’s day.

How about in families? In some families, people will cook a special meal or do housework for the joy of their mother or wife. Husbands or children will also give some colorful roses, favorite gifts, or tight hugs to their beloved women. A small gift or action is enough to make them feel warm and smile all day.

In Conclusion: Vietnamese Woman Day Is A Wonderful Occasion

Vietnamese women’s day is not only a good tradition in Vietnam, but it also has an important meaning in other countries. Due to the meaning of this special occasion, do not hesitate to show your feelings and love to the women beside you!

Peter Hoang.